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You can register for classes up to 2 weeks in advance.
If no one is registered for a class time by the 1-hour booking deadline then the instructing trainer will cancel that class for the day.
If you do not register for a class, you will not be allowed to participate. If you miss the registration deadline, please text us at 908-944-7810 to let us know and we’ll add you to the class roster.

Up to 3 hours in advance without a late-cancel charge.

  • To cancel within the Dyamond Fitness app, navigate to the My Schedule menu option, Upcoming Services tab, then click the 3-dot menu to find Cancel.
  • We’ve enabled a 1-hour grace period where you may cancel after booking without penalty (see Fees below).

The option to enter a waitlist will appear for any classes that are booked to capacity. Trainers check the waitlist for classes they instruct and will occasionally be able. If any registrants cancel, class spots will also open and the app will automatically add registrants up to 2 hours before the start of a class time. Please note: If you are wait-listed for a group class we assume you will attend if you get in, otherwise you will be charged per above. Make sure you check up to 45 minutes prior to class start time to see if you have a spot. If you anticipate not making it to class and are wait-listed please make sure you remove yourself from the wait-list to allow the next person to be notified should a spot open.

Our system requires having a credit card on file for any type of membership option in case of any potential fees that may be incurred. Credit cards are stored securely in our system and once entered, we do not have the ability to access the full credit card information beyond the last 4 digits, card issuer, and the billing address you’ve entered.

In case you want to be extra sure you have not accidentally booked class times you do not plan to attend or for any reason, open your Dyamond Fitness app > My Schedule tab > Upcoming Services tab. This is also where you may cancel any registered classes.

We’ve managed to run the gym for 4 years without having extraneous fees except for ones we’ve found significant:

  • No-show: $20 for not attending a class you’ve registered for. Medical emergencies accompanied by a doctor’s note or substitute are excusable. Any clients who arrive more than 15-min after the start of class without communication will also begin accruing no-show penalties for each occurrence after the first 3.
  • Late cancel: $20 for cancelling a previous class registration within 3 hours of its time.
  • Membership freeze extension: $25 per membership per month frozen beyond 60 consecutive days without client check-in to a class or session.

You’ll never be assessed any fees or charges if a cancellation comes from the gym or is related to an emergency weather situation that affects your area of travel.

If no one is pre-registered for a particular group class time 1 hour prior to session start time, the  designed instructor will not show up to instruct unless otherwise specified to. This policy is to reinforce the usage of the Dyamond Fitness app. If you have any issues pre-registering please email us at clientservices@dyamondfitness.com and we’ll get it straightened out.

This also applies for Private and Semi-Private Personal Training. The policy remains a use it or lose it policy up 1 hour prior to session start time.

If you commit to a contract agreement, and request to cancel before the term is completed, we will charge 70% of the remaining contracted total. You must submit your cancellation request 2 weeks prior to your next scheduled billing cycle date. To break a contract, you must (1) move a minimum of 15 miles away from a ]Dyamond Fitness location, (2) Medical emergency with doctor’s note.

We allow (1) suspension per year up to 3 Months in duration (90 days). To request a suspension, you must submit your suspension request 2 weeks prior to your next scheduled billing cycle date. To extend contract suspension longer than 90 consecutive days, a rate of $25 per membership per month will be automatically charged.


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