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Cord campbell

My name is Cord Campbell and I’m a certified personal trainer accredited by the National. Council on Strength & Fitness(NCSF). I was a very active child. I grew up in a heavily wooded area which encouraged me to explore, hike, and climb, as well as participate in sports at school.  

Due to my upbringing fitness and health has always been a part of my life, but I’ve only just started exploring its broader scope and where it can take me. My own personal style of training revolves primarily around powerlifting/strongman, calisthenics, and rock climbing, with my favorite exercise being the Anderson Squat. This also happens to be where I specialize in training as well, helping clients to develop a good foundation for overall strength and power. I’m also versed in helping clients with posture correction as well as strengthening weak points.

Because of my overall training methods I look up to quite a few strongmen, most notably Brian Shaw. On a more personal level I like to do things other than training.

"Don't stop, and definitely don't quit.”

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